Why choose us?

Create a stunning look to any room with our superior range of PVC Click Flooring. We have carefully selected the best designs and brought these to you by using High
Definition Technology to give you truly natural and look and feel.

Whether you have a traditional or a contemporary room, our flooring is sure to complement any room setting bringing warmth and a touch of elegance to any room. Our product incorporates patented click technology for locking your flooring together without the need of any glue.



Flooring Applications

Domestic Applications: Suitable for living room areas, bedrooms, bathroom and kitchens.

Commercial Applications: Suitable for small office and shops with light commercial footfall. For light commercial use, the product is limited to the manufacturing defects warranty.

Not Suitable for heavy traffic areas such as large offices and Shopping Centres. Not suitable for conservatories, steam rooms, saunas and areas of high temperature.